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CoinClaim automated SaaS  (CLM) Airdrop

CoinClaim automated SaaS (CLM) Airdrop

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CoinClaim is a fully automated SaaS marketing tool using 100% crypto for organic social media and other marketing campaigns. CoinClaim is perfect for all phases of a company’s growth from ICO bounty programs to established brand marketing campaigns. We built CoinClaim because many organizations are in a situation where they have tokens on hand but lack brand awareness of their company or product. CoinClaim helps by providing a redemption vehicle for companies to use their tokens in marketing campaigns including - bounties, contests, fundraisers and other transactional and promotional activities. CoinClaim is also perfect for non-crypto companies looking to expose their brand to new customers. CoinClaim’s built in token - CLM - is a perfect reward for those promoting your product and br