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SnapEx World Trading Championship Season 2 (up to 200,000 USDT pool)

The highly-anticipated new trading competition series – the SnapEx World Trading Championship – is back! This is Season 2 of the multi-series trading competition.

As with the previous round, this competition will have a prize pool that dynamically increases as the number of participants increases. The number of total participants who will win prizes will also increase accordingly.

SnapEx World Trading Championship Season 2 (WTC 2) 2020

The SnapEx World Trading Championship Season 2 (WTC 2) will begin on 29th September 2020 (GMT+8) and end on 13th October 2020 (GMT+8). This competition will be based on Real account trading only.

There will be 3 different events hosted as part of the main competition, namely:

  • Best of the Best (Team Event) – Based on profitable trades for the overall team – with individual team member profit and total team profit calculations during the competition
  • Pro Trader and Total Pro Trader (Individual Event) – Based on Daily Individual Profit measured during the 24-hour day cycle and Total Individual Profit measured during the entire competition period (both to be calculated based on Profit + Loss on all trades)
  • Most Wanted (Popularity Event) – Created to reward Team Leaders who reach out to more participants, where they will be ranked according to their Popularity Point

Unlike regular trading contests, the new trading competition format for WTC 2 will feature a tiered competition reward system. The more users who participate, the more that the total prize pool for the competition will increase. The total limit for the prize pool can reach as high as 200,000 USDT, while the maximum number of winners can be as many as 500.

1. To be eligible to participate in the competition, users need to:

  • Sign up
  • Complete KYC
  • Deposit (minimum of 50 USDT)
  • Complete at least 1 trade. Read about the event details here
  • You can also join the ongoing airdrop (not the competition and get 500 SNAP and 100 weekly)

2. To be eligible for the competition rewards, users need to have a minimum of 50 USDT (in their Real account) at the start of the competition.

3. Users may only use one account to participate. If a user is found to participate through more than one account, the user will be removed from the competition.


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