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Sapien Bounty (20 million Sapien Cash up for grabs)

Sapien Wallet

A decentralized lightwallet offering fully trusted ratings and reviews from post-transaction data. Sapien is looking to bridge the gap of distrust between humans.

Sapien Wallet was created because its about time the world had an application that allows everyone to use cryptocurrency in day-to-day payments. It is also Sapien Wallet’s goal to bridge the gap of distrust among humans with their Human and Business Rating, allowing people to accelerate the speed in which they build trust.

Why Sapien deserve your trust?

Decentralized: All crypto assets, post-transaction data, and user data is stored on a decentralized network to prevent tampering and preserve anonymity

Post-Transaction Rating: Ratings and reviews generated by users will be collected only after a transaction has concluded, offering the most trustworthy and verifiable data

No KYC Policy: Sapien does not require its customers to submit any documents or personal information to become a part of the Sapien network

User-Friendly: Sapien is specifically designed for mass use and therefore we have worked tirelessly to make it incredibly easy and simple for anyone to use

Steps to participate

  • Join the bounty campaign here
  • Enter your name and email, ensure you verify your email
  • Complete all the tasks available on the bounty page.
  • Refer other for more points and higher reward

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