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Round 3 Spheroid Universe (SPH) Airdrop ~ $40

The Earth is shaped as a Spheroid. The world of Spheroid is the world of planet Earth’s augmented virtual reality.

A Space is an intellectual property that is created, registered and protected on the basis of and in accordance with the laws of the European Union. It comprises a limited number of 3D plots with precise geographic coordinates on earth surface, which are filled with visual information.

Each Space may be filled with advertising, visual imagery, reference, navigational, entertaining and other content, grouped into layers within the Space. The owner of a Space manages the information within these layers and monetizes it. He or she chooses who, how and on what terms may publish information in his or her Space.

Spheroid Universe is an open AR platform based on decentralization principles, with extensive monetization possibilities for participants.

One of the most promising Space monetization opportunities is augmented reality advertising. Spheroid Universe is a vast new advertising market, where the main share of profits is received by Space owners rather than an IT corporation. It’s a world where advertising is not a boring billboard, ad or video clip, but a work of art. Vivid, vibrant and fascinating.

Steps to the airdrop worth $40

  1. Register here and verify your email. (150 SPH)
  2. Start the Telegram Bot to join the airdrop
  3. Join Telegram group (Mandatory +75 SPH)
  4. Follow Twitter (Mandatory +75 SPH)
  5. Join and read the review ICO Announcement (Optional +50 SPH)
  6. Follow ICO Announcement Twitter and retweet this tweet (Optional +50 SPH)
  7. Submit your details to the bot

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