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QuarkChain Bounty – 5 million QKC reward pool!

QuarkChain is a decentralized platform that seeks to solve three of the problems associated with blockchain technology, such as scalability, security and decentralization. The Quarkchain network consists of two main layers:

The layer of fragmentation (sharding): That includes small blockchains or “shards” that process a subset of independent operations. As these chains increase, the number of transactions that can be processed simultaneously increases. This layer provides high performance through the effective distribution of data.

The QuarkChain network seeks to build bridges between “real world” businesses and the blockchain. Its objective is to cooperate with companies that need a chain of blocks with large bandwidth and that can solve their existing needs.

To enable the users to experience these five DeFi products better and let them know how QuarkChain solves the industry pain points in the DeFi field, they launch five DeFi products and the “Game of DeFi” campaign. All community members are welcome to participate in the “Game of DeFi” and share the ~5 million QKC reward pool!

Follow these steps to participate in the 5 Million QKC tokens to be distributed. QuackChain is listed in over 20 exchanges

  1. Register here 
  2. Confirm your email and login
  3. Connect your twitter to participate in the bounty
  4. Refer to others for additional points
  5. Read the official announcement here and here
  6. Follow us on Telegram to be informed first

Be alerted first before you missed out legitimate airdrop/bounty with limited time-frame, 
Join us on telegram  and twitter and find out more about the project details from this website

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