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PixelBit Airdrop – Up to 3500 PXB & chance to win 0.40 BTC

The first digital currency for gamers and game developers

PixelBit revolutionizes online gaming by providing a universal and innovative solution for micro transactions, online gambling and much more.

PIXELBIT (PXB Coin) is a dedicated currency based on the blockchain that serves as a foundation for In-Game purchases, unlocking additional content as well as an ingenious system for earning real money while playing games. The goal is to build an innovative system that not only incentivises game developers to implement, but also provides tangible, real-world rewards to gamers playing PXB-enabled games.

Revolutionary – PixelBit provides a unified gaming currency for gamers and developers.

Innovative – no other project has managed to develop a unified currency that can be easily implemented on all gaming platforms.

For gamers and game developers – they address the needs of both by providing the possibility for passive income generation.

Starting from June, 2019, PlexiBit will be listed on Latoken Exchange

Follow these steps to get up to 3,500 PIXELBIT (PXB) & chance to win 0.40 BTC!

  1. Register here to participate
  2. Enter your details and signup
  3. Ensure you confirm your email address
  4. Begin to perform social tasks as listed to earn more points. The higher your points the better you chance
  5. Invite others to accumulate more points.
  6. Join our telegram channel  for updates and find out more about the project details by visiting this here

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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