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Pixelbit, the digital game currency of the future

The first digital currency for gamers and game developers

The game market has reached $108.9 billion and nearly 2.2 billion gamers across the world in 2018. Such impressive numbers speak not only to the popularity, but also about specific responsibility and importance of development and growth. PixelBit revolutionizes online gaming by providing a universal and innovative solution for micro transactions, online gambling and much more.


PixelBit, a new innovative project in the industry, creates something unique not only for gamers but also for game developers. PixelBit is certainly more than just another run-of-the-mill ICO project. Their ambitious plans are supported by skills, original ideas and a quest for innovations and changes.

Blockchain is playing the main role in that process because of the opportunity it gives to develop the special cryptocurrency — the PixelBit Token (PXB). It is based on the Ethereum (ERC20) standard and is able to provide unique features for gaming. The PXB token provides a basis for in-game purchases. The original system also allows gamers and game developers to earn passive income, thereby offering both stakeholder groups equally lucrative advantages.

PIXELBIT (PXB Coin) is a dedicated currency based on the blockchain that serves as a foundation for In-Game purchases, unlocking additional content as well as an ingenious system for earning real money while playing games. The goal is to build an innovative system that not only incentivises game developers to implement, but also provides tangible, real-world rewards to gamers playing PXB-enabled games.

PixelBit was created by developers with developers in mind. The ecosystem was developed from scratch especially for cross-platform compatibility. It is appropriate for various platforms like PC, consoles and even mobiles. Moreover, it has a set of intuitive and easy-to-use tools for developers.

Yet another use of PXB is in the gambling industry. Traditionally, gamers use an abstract virtual currency, but with PXB they can play for real money. Moreover, this currency is interchangeable and valid in various games.

Their main goal is to build an innovative system that not only incentivizes game developers to implement but also provides tangible, real-world rewards to gamers playing PXB-enabled games. Pixelbit gives opportunities for gamers to earn passive income while playing the game they enjoyed most. It also provides seamless integration of API for developers and includes also P2P marketplace for in-games purchases and online gambling sites.


Created from the ground up, PixelBit provides cross-platform compatibility. PixelBit has also created user-friendly, accessible and intuitive tools for developers that allow them to implement PXB in their own games easily.

Due to its very low cost s compared to other platforms, this makes it easily accessible and enables the gamers to earn by performing specific tasks. Its security features and upgrades, PXB guarantees increased reliability and service to millions of users. PXB guarantees uniqueness, honesty, and reward, making both playing and creating games more profitable, enjoyable and worthwhile.

The p2p trading platform provides guiding principles for the successful trading of PXB and other cryptocurrencies for individuals or businesses among themselves. Product marketing is carried out without intermediaries, bypassing questionable trading platforms and high transaction fees. Developers are allowed to use ready-made blocks for building an application which makes it very convenient for them to write their solutions. PIXELBIT allows the seamless integration in third-party game engines such as Unity and Unreal.

Some key features

Revolutionary – PixelBit provides a unified gaming currency for gamers and developers.

Innovative – no other project has managed to develop a unified currency that can be easily implemented on all gaming platforms.

For gamers and game developers – they address the needs of both by providing the possibility for passive income generation.

Starting from June, 2019, PlexiBit will be listed on Latoken Exchange

How To Join

PXB is a currency of the future. It is easily accessible and does not depend on centralized control. Providing security and sustainability, it can qualitatively serve millions of users. The future is wide open with PixelBit. The first public offering has already started; find out more and join on: https://pixelbit.cc/

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