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Optherium Labs – the standard for digital asset management through Hyperledger platform with multiple channels


Successful financial services provider delivers the state of the earth services to their clients but required partnership with capable solution providers for their running needs. Our personal information from simple passwords to biometric data is often stored in centralized, third-party repositories and may have even been replicated to be stored somewhere else. This creates significant risks, and this is only mentioning the domain of fiat currencies.


Problem Definition

  • Lack of security of securing digital asset
  • Slow transactions, currency conversions, and confirmations
  • Centralization operation
  • Inability to use digital assets

Optherium have addressed these problems through Hyperledger platform with multiple channels, Multisecure, and biometric authentication
B2C and B2B products

Optherium labs, the standard for digital asset management utilizing advanced type ledger technology and decentralized file system incorporating IPFS fast transaction with much power. Optherium  Labs,  a  global FinTech company incorporated in Europe, has obtained a  Digita Currency  Exchange License and eWallet License in the  European  Union  (EU)  (Licenses #FVR000098  and  #FRK000080) for fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currency exchanges and eWallet services.

The focus and primary vision of the company is building and developing a new standard of private blockchain solutions. By using an Ecosystem with a proprietary Multi-Decentralized Private Blockchains Network technology and MultiSecure Technology, Dynamic Biometrics based verifications, the company envisions creating a unique method for instant currency conversions and confirmations, resulting in a user’s ability to buy, sell, send, or pay instantly using digital assets worldwide.

VivusPay, the mobile banking app, is already up and running for both iOS and Android users. As part of the Optherium Ecosystem, it is the working face of modernity. It is the first in its field to bring together speed, efficiency and security on a global scale, using their trademarked MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains network.

Meet Optherium Labs, the new standard for digital asset management

Optherium’s Ecosystem utilizes advanced Hyperledger technology and a decentralized file system incorporating hyper-fast transactions on a modular platform. This allows Optherium to not only build its own great solutions, but also private label custom solutions to suit its clients specific needs. Do you require a secure digital currency exchange? Optherium can build it. Do you need a secure, MultiDecentralized way to store your customers’ data, accessible to them only through Dynamic Biometrics? Think Optherium. Do you want to facilitate instantaneous, cross-border transactions in virtually any currency worldwide? Once again, Optherium has it covered.

Features of the Optherium Ecosystem

Optherium’s Ecosystem brings the next generation of functionality to the digital economy. With unprecedented levels of security, speed, and a striking ease of use for digital assets, Optherium is ushering in the new blockchain standard in the financial services and security industries. Among the Ecosystem’s groundbreaking features are:

  • Decentralized dynamic biometric security verification system
  • Multicurrency capabilities and MultiSignature security for companies or individuals.
  • Lightning fast transactions with near-instant confirmation at a rate of 100,000 transactions per second
  • Key Recovery Service to reconstitute the assets of a wallet with a lost or stolen private key
  • Robust Know Your Customer Protocol
  • Comprehensive Digital Rights Registry
  • Powerful and comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms
  • Financial transactions with mutual transparency
  • Share of the company’s commission structure based on ownership of nodes in the Optherium infrastructure
  • Secure API with a nominal transaction fee structure

Blockchain Solutions Provided by Optherium

visual pay

VivusPay Mobile App

VivusPay eWallet is an advanced tool for digital asset management. It allows individuals and small businesses to securely store their digital assets with Multisecure Technology™ and Key Recovery Service utilizing Dynamic Biometrics™ and other Know Your Customer data while managing their assets directly from their decentralized wallets.

VivusPay. Be your own bank.


debt card

Debit Card

Withdraw money from any ATM in the world legally and safe and anonymously. Enjoy Private Blockchain benefits for your advantage, safe your time with no efforts and get certain of security and convenience. Anytime. Anywhere.




MultiDecentralized Exchange Digital Currency Exchange provides liquidity for any and all transactions within the Ecosystem that require instant conversion and confirmation, at speeds of over 100,000 transactions per second.

Support up to 150 digital currencies and include OTC desk for high volume transactions between enterprises and individual users in the safest and user-friendly ecosystem available.



Biometrics as a proof of identity

Optherium’s Dynamic Biometrics™ verification is a patented technology that uses biometric data (face, voice, fingerprint, retina, etc.) as a key, password or identity verification tool on the Ecosystem. Each of the private blockchain channels is responsible for decentralized encryption and decryption of a specific type of biometric data.

Biometrics-based verification depends on a group of private blockchain channels in the Optherium Ecosystem, each of which is responsible for a specific type of biometric data: dynamic facial movement, voice, fingerprint, etc. A user’s biometric template also known as a digital identity will be encrypted and stored using Biometric Encryption Untraceable and Cancelable Biometrics, which is an intentional and systematically repeatable distortion of biometric features in order to protect sensitive user-specific data.



Serge Beck : Founder and CEO

Roman Kaganov : Chief Technology Officer

Rajavelu Dharmaraj : Chief Operations Officer

Ari Zoldan : Chief Marketin Officer, CEO, Quantum Media Group

Morty Lempel : Director of Business Development

Evgeniy Nikishov : Lead Software Engineer

Dima Pugachev : Software Engineer

Pavel Shalamkov : Frontend Teamlead

Vasiliy Gavrilovich : VP Software Development

Vadim Mashurov : DEX CTO

Max Kardanets : Senior Full Stack Developer

Alexander Protasov : QA Automation Engineer


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