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NUKlear Airdrop: 75 NUK ~ $37

The #1 Self-Destructing and Dividend Distribution Token

NUKlear is not a simple Self-Burning Token! It’s more than this.

NUKlear is a store of value with the aim of understanding how deflationary characteristics can affect the currency with a PLUS: mixing deflationary with Dividend Distribution Token characteristics .
Whenever $NUK is transferred, 1.0% of the amount is burned and 1.0% is stacked to be distributed each month to the TOP100 Token holders.
NUKlear is based on the design of the common self-destructing tokens but with a new and further characteristic: Dividend Distribution!

Guides to the airdrop

  1. Have a chat with this Telegram Bot
  2. Get code from the email and enter into the bot
  3. Join NUKlear Telegram groups: OfficialAnnouncements and Airdrop
  4. Join NUKlear on Facebook
  5. Join NUKlear on Twitter
  6. Retweet NUKlear Pinned message
  7. Earn an additional 20 NUKlear tokens for every valid referral

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