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NOIZ Chain Bounty and Airdrop

Advertising Networks Re-engineered with Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain

NOIZ is a decentralized ad network that aims at giving control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and including social impact organizations. NOIZ can be classified into the following parts:

Cognitive Banners for Better Engagement
An AI enabled banner ad, known as Nikola, generates more engagement among consumers and gives advertisers direct access to this engagement. Ad interactions are recorded over the blockchain for transparency.

P2P Ad Exchange
Advertisers and publishers can connect directly and buy / sell ad inventory over the platform. The NOIZ community sets the standards for quality content by voting against advertisers with bad business ethics, or publishers involved in plagiarism or fake news.

Automatic Airdrop and Rewards Wallet
Advertisers airdrop tokens to consumers for product discounts (coupons), loyalty (reward points) or simply for engaging with the banner ads. The NOIZ wallet allows users to collect these crypto coupons and reward points, which can be redeemed through the offering party or NOIZ partner companies.

Permissioned Privacy Protection
NOIZ gives users control of their private data and users get compensated in NOIZ tokens for sharing their data with the advertisers and publishers they trust. READ THE WHITE PAPER

The Problem: 

An estimated $18 billion/year is lost to fake clicks, impressions and views; this is known as Ad Fraud
● Greater transparency of data is being demanded by MNCs from advertising platforms and publisher sites
● Consumer data is collected and stored by ad networks without proper consent
● Consumer data is sold to third parties
● Online scams are increasing due to fake ads
created by malicious advertisers
● There is a growing mistrust in the content consumers come across online

The Solution:

A Proof of Engagement concept is created by combining AI with blockchain technology to fight ad fraud
● A consensus based ecosystem is formed to make advertisers and publishers accountable for their actions and business practices
● Consumers receive tokens for the data they choose to share
● Disrupting the advertising ecosystem, resulting in a completely new approach and media industry
● To drive the success of social responsibility campaigns, social impact organizations are included in the token flow between advertisers,
publishers, and consumers


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  • Follow this link to join telegram bounty after registration
  • Join the telegram group
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  • Click on participate
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  • If you are a blogger, you can participate in Article Campaign here
  • More information is available on bitcointalk thread

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