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Miracle Tele: The Future of Mobile Communications

According to this report from the research and markets; the world’s largest market research store. There is an increase in the support for OSS/BSS processes and this is expected to drive the overall growth of blockchain in the telco sector. It was estimated that the blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 46.6 million in 2018 to USD 993.8 million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 84.4% during the forecast period. The factors that were behind this growth as reported includes the increasing support for OSS/BSS processes and rising security concerns among telcos. It was opined that the growing concerns over the authenticity of users, and uncertain regulatory status and the lack of common standards can hinder the growth of the market, which #MiracleTele has come to resolved.

Miracle Tele is the world’s first fully functioning blockchain mobile operator available in over 163 countries that lets you receive rewards and use them to pay for telecom services or withdraw them and spend them on anything you want.

#Miracletele is pioneering the ultimate needed solution which will fuse advanced telecommunication together with fintech tools and advanced financial services all in one place for digitalization and decentralization of most important aspect of our daily lives.  MiracleTele solutions allows you to talk whenever you want, wherever at €0.2 per minute in over 160 countries. No subscription and no hidden fees.  In 99% of cases, Miracle telecom rates are cheaper than the international roaming rates of other competitors, either small companies or industry giants. With MiracleTele, talk is cheap with fixed call rates at €0.2 per minutes and internet data €0.02 per MB in over 160 countries!

MiraceTele has stood out in the crypto space and their vision includes; reducing rates, freedom of access to financial and utility tools via blockchain. It offers a pay-as-you-go model with no startup or hidden fees and provides incredibly one of the lowest rate in the telco sector. Furthermore,  the Zero paperwork is a one-step registration with no contracts and no document requirements for SIM card orders all deployed on an Ethereum blockchain grid on top of their telco infrastructures which makes it possible for TELE token holders to receive biweekly rewards and reduce the cost of telecom services in the long run.
Apart from providing ease-of-use, convenience, value-added tools, online communication that saves time and effort, they also provide high level, quality and attentive customers support in multiple languages.  All features of Miracle Tele ecosystem is readily available at the official website where customers can sign up and access their member’s area with all available telecom and crypto features. One SIM Card provides all the magic of MiracleTele services and features.

Miracle Tele


The principal aim of Miracle Tele is to develop a blockchain architecture that will effectively address all needs and requirements that are associated with the creation and successful operation of a mobile operator with incorporated advanced communication tools, value-added services, and a proper loyalty program. To achieve this feat, two platforms have been selected:

  1. Plasma and Sharding technologies by Ethereum
  2. Existing Graphene blockchain

Irrespective of what platform would be used in the end, the same functional entities, types of accounts, and logic will be implemented on the base of such a platform.

MiracleTele’s goal is to provide quality and cheap mobile services with improved privacy, no paperwork, and an array of value-added tools as well as offer customers the freedom of access to financial tools via blockchain and unrestricted access to the information on the Internet. To achieve this, they are creating:

  • PROPRIETARY BLOCKCHAIN AND WALLET: This is the creation of their own blockchain that will become the foundation of the telecom ecosystem as well as the development of a multiplatform and multicurrency wallet for TELE tokens.
  • DEBIT CARDS: Prepaid debit cards associated with the proprietary wallet for cashing out fiat money, TELE tokens, and other cryptocurrencies in millions of ATMs and stores around the world

visit MiracleTele Website to participate and receive a bi-weekly reward and other added services.






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