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Medooza Airdrop and Bounty : One Coin Six platforms ($60 – $250)

“Making The Blockchain Mass adoption possible And Challenge The Way That Users, Advertisers & Organizations Interact With A Revolutionary Way for Users Engagement”

The first symbiotic blockchain platform. Unlike many blockchain startups, they already have established business that have users and incomes.

Medooza: One Coin Six platforms. The platforms are

  1. Medooza universal Wallet Platform: Currencies inlude ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP And More!. Amazing fast UI/UX and you can earn Medooza Coins for free. They provide both hot and cold wallet; all transactions in one place; Send / Receive / Buy coins; it is secure, you can receive personal notifications if enabled;
  2. Medooza Shortly platform. Never lose your wallets again! Revolutionary and user friendly Crypto wallet manager; No more XXXXXXXXXX address; FREE and mobile compatible; Now you can give friend and customers your Phone Number and receive funds to your wallet ! ; Bitcoin-972-506487374. This is absolutely Cool Ha?
  3. Medooza News platform: The Medooza ecosystem will be also supported by a news portal designed to support new users with articles, video guides and opportunities. Investors will have live market news, analysis, financial updates and tools which will enhance their market knowledge. The portal will be multilingual, include community tools and we will also launch it as an Android and IOS content App. Users will be able to join as a premium members
  4. Medooza arbitrage platform:The Medooza arbitrage Fintech platform is going to be auto money maker – with lightning fast transactions you will be able to take advantage on price arbitrage from different crypto exchanges! It will be super fast, low fees using Medooza token with daily bonuses. You can earn tokens with referral and  buy & sell on the fly
  5. Medooza Exchange: The exchange will be faster & stronger than anything the market has ever seen before using powerful new engine that built on Node.JS and Angular platforms.
    • Powerful Engine
    • Lower fees when paying with Medooza Coin
    • Integration with the Medooza wallet
    • Earn tokens with referral
    • Exchange almost any Crypto coin
  6. Medooza social & reward Platform: The Medooza social platform will provide advanced tools, incentives and smart reward system for deeper interaction between friends, publishers, stars, fans, and brands.
    • Engage with your friends & family
    • Engage with your favorite idol
    • Daily bonuses for dedicated users
    • Publish content and earn Medooza Coins

Follow the step below to eran more than $250 worth of MDZA token

  1. Register for an account in medooza platform. Then follow step 2 and 3 accordingly.
  2. Create a medooza wallet here first. You will need this later
  3. Register an account at faucet center here,  click on signup and enter your details. Follow this link to claim your first 10 MDZA token by entering your wallet and click on claim token button at the left of the registration page
  4. You can claim more Medooza tokens every 24 hours up to $30 monthly. You can sign up for notifications and you will be notified when you can earn more tokens.
  5. Participate in thebounty and receive 250 MDZA worth $25 by clicking at join bounty program at the leftmost top of the faucet.
  6. Claim 100 MDZA free here by performing simple social media tasks.
  7. Join our telegram channel  to be alerted of legitimate airdrop before they get filled up and find out more about the project details by visiting here

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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