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MargiX Airdrop : 4,000,000 MGX (Ultimate Trading Signal for Margin Trading and others)


Trading revolution is coming and MargiX is here to come up with solutions to help you win on each decision that you make. Join their trusted community now to be one of the first winners with this golden opportunity.

Why MargiX?

MargiX is an online system integrated with AI and Bigdata Technologies, which aims to deliver indexes about trading demand and trading behavior of the general market at major exchanges.

Being constantly updated, the AI system is able to track, analyze and process all behaviors from the market. Thus, they are capable of providing expected trading indexes in the future. Based on these indexes, traders can make their own prediction on the trading volume in the upcoming timeframes to come up with the optimal trading plans.

How Does It Work?

In order to provide a reliable and efficient earning stream, they utilize several different technologies and this is precisely where they take a lead from mainstream competitors. Apart from using blockchain, MargiX also runs on robust AI and Big Data algorithms.

They go deeper into the crypto market and process a significant amount of data. It helps their algorithms to learn efficiently from different data sets and roll out better predictions for the clients.

Moreover, since MargiX nests High-Frequency Trading, the system is able to take decisions and make suggestions in less than a second. As a result, you do not have to bear losses due to high volatility in the market.

It should also be noted that their crawlers and other algorithms go deep within the crypto market in order to gauge the cashflow of an array of exchanges. Basically, the purpose of doing this is to set their aim towards a greater solution which would allow their customers to integrate all of their wallets into one platform and manage them from a single dashboard.

Main Features

  • AI Learning: MargiX use AI technology to learn and predict the market
  • Trading Copycat: Everyone can take a lead and start earning, hence making it more efficient

  • Token Economics: Customers have the chance to earn a great income monthly

MargiX is given away a total of 4,000,000 MGX. Sign up at their website, complete easy social tasks as described below and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 400 MGX tokens.

  1. Use Gmail to register an account here. ONLY Gmail address will be considered.
  2. Access this form to participate. Be informed that you need to do Identity Verification (Passport, Identity Card or Driver License will do)


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