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Little Phil’s Community (LPC) Airdrop & Bounty

LPC Bounty and Competition – Up to 1 million LPC ($100,000 worth) tokens to be given away

Who’s little Phil?

Unless we’re face to face, how can we truly experience the feeling of giving?

It’s unclear where our money is going. It feels like we’re not making an impact. 
We don’t emotionally connect with the receiver.

But little Phil can solve these problems.

Little Phil applies blockchain technology so givers can:

  • Follow funds transparentlyTrack money all the way to the cause
  • Track your philanthropy impactBe acknowledged by the receiver
  • Create a good momentShare a little Phil good moment with them

This more efficient way of fundraising will empower charities to focus on what they’re great at.

Our little Philosophy :

Philanthropists are smart, successful people. They freely choose to give and do so on their terms, not because they’re pressured or guilted into it. They have control over what they give and feel good about their impact.

Industry problems and little Phil’s solutions

  • High-pressure sales tactics: Traditional charitable marketing interrupts our dinner with pushy phone calls or jumps out in front of us when we’re shopping. Their messaging often makes us feel guilty or uncomfortable. Research shows people are less likely to give when these tactics are used.* Link to article   

Emotional connection: Little philanthropists give on their terms, on their device, whenever they want to. It’s easy to find receivers they care about and see where their money is going. They experience the rewarding feeling of giving otherwise only available face to face – which encourages them to re-engage and share.

  • Am I making an impact?: Nearly 60% of younger generations agree that seeing the impact of their donation significantly affects their decision to give*, but normally such visibility is only accessible to large donors. Link to article   

Proof of Impact: Givers have peace of mind knowing their funds can only be used as intended. Payments to suppliers are held in a smart contract until the receipt of goods or services is validated by the receiver’s UDID. The giver is immediately notified of the outcome for their receiver.

  • Is this a genuine cause?: Fraudulent beneficiaries receiving assistance from multiple charitable sources (at the expense of those genuinely in need) can be a common issue facing charities.

Proof of Need: Before a receiver can be listed on the platform, a Unique Digital Identity (UDID) is created using biometric data. This is cross referenced on the UDID chain to prevent double up and minimise potential for fraud, providing givers an assurance they are not being taken advantage of.

  • How much money actually gets through?: When we do give money, we can’t track where it goes. Sometimes as little as 17% of donations actually end up being spent on the causes advertised (Yes the marketing intermediary keeps 83%)*. Charities also have to pay these marketing expenses up front, making it hard for smaller organisations to gain exposure. Link to article   

Immutable Public Ledger: All transactions and costs are visible on the little Phil blockchain. To maintain this platform and work with charities to drive better awareness of causes and distribution of funds, charities are charged just 6% per transaction. This also levels the playing field for smaller charities.


  1. Register here  and complete all tasks and Earn up to a total of 120 entries/tokens per person

Find more details on the project website here,


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