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ICO Watchdog Airdrop

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WatchDOG: THE ANTI-SCAM REWARD TOKEN: DOG is the first ever altruistic cryptocurrency that aims to reward members of the public for exposing ICO scams and reporting valid smart contracts on the blockchain.
ICO Watchdog is a public, decentralized sentinel and blockchain alert platform for the cryptocurrency market. Alerts sent via ICO Watchdog are available on messaging the platforms Messenger, Slack, and Telegram. Clients can request daily ICO reports, trading notifications, and token specific price and volume alerts. Contributions to ICO reports can be made via the ICO Watchdog Chatbot Assistant on any of the aforementioned messaging platforms. The reporting system serves to watch over the cryptocurrency market for potential ICO exit
scams and provide blockchain receipts for reporting ICO credibility.

ICO WATCHDOG PLATFORM : The ICO Watchdog platform utilizes blockchain technology to build an international trust and reward community for authenticating blockchain based projects, specifically ICOs. ICO Watchdog provides clients a community to rely on with diverse members bridging gaps between nontechnical and technical blockchain enthusiasts and investors. Reports provided through the platform are used to authenticate proposed actions and ensure blockchain projects are truthful, transparent, and accountable. Token rewards for ICO Watchdog clients, community watchdogs, are used to incentivize high-quality submissions and votes. Community Watchdogs have the ability to create and contribute to credibility alerts via the reporting system. There are no expenses for community watchdogs to report an ICO scam.

The no-fee structure acts to reduce friction of reporting and maximize reporting opportunities for potential ICO scams and improprieties. During 2017, crowdsales via ICO surpassed early-stage VC funding. Companies, young and mature, are progressively considering and choosing to utilize the ICO method as means to raise capital. Often presented as investment opportunities for the public, ICOs connect digital assets to company success, technology, and financial transactions. However, ICOs carry an increased risk of scam or fraud due to the ambiguity and lack of regulations. Traditionally, credit rating agencies and platforms have been centralized. Whether the rating agency is for bonds, businesses, or individuals, a ledger must maintain valuable data supporting the determined rating. Furthermore, the receipt, review, and distribution of the information included in published rating reports should follow an impartial, open, and transparent methodology. However, utilizing a centralized platform to provide credibility ratings comes with inherent limitations and risks. Centralized rating platforms require clients to have trust in the integrity of the rating agency or platform operators and limit client participation in the submission and review of relevant rating information. The most popular ICO rating platforms are centralized, lack transparency, highly subjective, and sourced from a select crowd.

ICO Watchdog Concept & Methodology: ICO Watchdog credibility rating and scam alert process has 4 components: TokenGrade™, ScamWatch™, ICO Watchdog Sentinel, and Alerts. TokenGrade™ allows the public to request a smart contact audit report for a specific ICO. ScamWatch™ allows the public to provide valuable data about ICO credibility and potential ICO exit scams. Within ScamWatch™, community watchdogs can vote to dispute or support provided data. ICO Watchdog Sentinel acts as an oracle, triggering the execution of the smart contracts that release rewards to ICO scam report data providers and voters. Alerts are sent out as notifications for monitoring the opening and closing of ICO credibility reports and associated rewards.

The native token of ICO Watchdog is the DOG token. DOG is the first ever altruistic cryptocurrency that aims to reward members of the
public for exposing ICO scams and participating in the voting system on the ICO Watchdog platform. To vote within TokenGrade™, clients
will need DOG token. ICO Watchdog clients must stake at least 1 DOG token to secure a vote. After the voting period is closed, the ICO
Watchdog Sentinel alerts participants of the voting result and the challenge period opens. To challenge a result, challengers must stake
at least 1 DOG token in the challenge vote. If the initial voting period result is unchallenged, rewards are distributed to the winning voting
side and the opposing voting side loses a proportional equivalent of staked tokens in the vote. If the voting period is challenged, rewards are
distributed to winging voting side of the challenge. Challenge voters receive a greater proportion of bonus tokens proportionally equivalent
to the staked challenge tokens. The losing side of a challenge vote loses a proportional equivalent of staked tokens of the initial vote.
ICO Watchdog clients can increase the contribution value of their votes on potential ICO scams by DOG tokens held and past activity in the
TokenGrade investigative body. Clients who hold more tokens, contribute more valuable data, and/or correctly vote are allocated a greater proportion of rewards. The public can participate in the ICO watchdog platform by receiving potential scam alerts, providing data related to potential scams, and requesting TokenGrade reports for ICOs. The DOG token is not required for contributing information of potential ICO scams alerts. However, the DOG token may be used to access in-platform products such as CryptoTrends™, TokenGrade™, and Sponsored Alerts.

First off, we’ve got 20M DOG tokens to give away and distribute through an Airdrop campaign. Up to 80,000 Airdrop members will receive 250 DOG tokens per person. Sign up below and type ‘/airdrop’ to get started within the chat bot.


  1. Register here
  2. Open this telegram bot
  3. Type /airdrop and follow instructions

Pleas always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC 20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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