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ICBCoin Airdrop (1500 ICBC ~ $15) – cryptocurrency, a bank and mining

In 2014, blockchain enthusiasts teamed up to develop and implement a new crypto platform. For the first time, there is a crypto platform that combines a cryptocurrency, a bank and forging (mining) all in one. Also, their platform allows you to use the blockchain for your own applications.


The ICBC cryptographic platform is developed in Java. The following libraries, technologies and frameworks are also used in the system:

  • JAX-WS – data exchange technology using Web services via HTTP and HTTPS
  • Tomcat embedded – a servlet container (Web service handlers) on the client side
  • PaaS Google App Engine – a servlet hosting platform and a database in the cloud
  • H2 – client-side database
  • JavaFX – a framework for building a client-side interface
  • Curve25519 ECDH, SHA-256 – cryptographic libraries


They offer clients the following ways to make a profit:

    • By making large investments
    • By forging (mining) coins
    • By using their coins on their exchange or their Gold coin on other exchanges

Earn 1500 ICBC coins ($15) for completing simple tasks and 225 coins ($1.5) more for each referral

The end of the airdrop is November 7th. Distribution of tokens on November 10th. Listing on the exchange on November 14

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