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Global Currency Unit (GCU™): Grab up to 25,000 value at $1,500 USD

Powerful token for advanced technology

GCU represents an exciting new digital asset with serious global utility applicable to hi-end technology, modern lifestyle, and unique investment opportunities

Global Profit Technologies, Inc. is a publicly-traded company and developer of sophisticated, algorithmic, fully automated trading solutions, including 4X-DAT® and Crypto-DAT™. These software applications are intelligent, stand-alone, technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use and used for automated trading in both the over-the-counter FX as well as cryptocurrencies markets. Both applications can simultaneously trade numerous currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, manage and monitor an unlimited number of trades in various independent trading strategies, which can be individually customized.

Each software provides money management either on trading cycles consisting of several trades, by closing them at a pre-determined profit as a group, or by opening and closing individual trades based on prevailing market conditions with a high degree of effectiveness. It does this automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for human input following the initial trading setup. For more information please visit: glpt.io

Global Currency Unit (GCU™) is the hottest new cryptocurrency that is being positioned as one of the most valuable newest crypto assets in the world. You can now receive up to 25,000 (YES that’s twenty-five thousand!) GCUs, already valued at over $1,500 USD – absolutely FREE. Simply share this message with a few friends from your contact list, and when just 8 of them click on this message, they will deposit up to 25,000 GCUs in your crypto wallet. It is that just simple!

The current value of 1 GCU is set to 0.03 USD, they expect that its value will overcome this amount due to demand ensuing from its built-in-market value.

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