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Freelanex Airdrop. Get 7350 FLX~ $29.4

Freelanex offering trusted, pleasant, and endeavouring online workspace.

Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain. It represents a unique opportunity for approaching bargains by using a decentralized System with smart contracts, through an interface user friendly. Freelanex introduces a pellucid and trustworthy transactions system and the employee protection rights protect the freelancers from fraudulent and unprincipled practices – a hence win-win situation on both ends.

Freelanex’s transactions system was designed to be secure and trustworthy, and its employee protection rights keep freelancers safe from fraudulent and dishonest practices.

Follow these instructions to participate and earn up to 7350 FLX token

  • Chat with the Freelanex Telegram bot, and solve the captcha.
  • Click on the rules button to gain access to all mandatory rules also highlighted below
  • Join the Freelanex Telegram Group (+900 FLX, Required);
  • Join the Freelanex Telegram Channel (+900 FLX, Required);
  • Follow Freelanex on Twitter (+900 FLX, Required);
  • Like the Freelanex Facebook page (+900 FLX, Required);
  • Complete the other social tasks to earn additional FLX tokens;
  • Submit your completed form to the crypto airdrop bot;
  • Receive up to 7350 FLX tokens;
  • Earn an extra 500 FLX for each referral.


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