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Fortem Capital (FCQ) Airdrop – $50

As one of the first ever worldwide entities, Fortem Capital is introducing the proven, modern blockchain technology in a response to the needs of the investors who want to make the most of the potential underlying the real estate branch.

Fortem Capital platforms helps to eliminate any investment barriers to access the real estate market. The digitalization of the project lowers the costs and speeds it up by excluding any middlemen and agents. By purchasing tokens (FCQ), the investor will get a unique opportunity to invest in the projects Fortem Capital carry out at the highest level of engagement without the necessity of taking the risk or having experience in this field.

What makes Fortem Capital different

Most tokens on the market are not secured by real, fixed assets. Fortem Capital IEO has coverage in real estate – the most stable type of assets available on the market. Another thing that gives them an advantage on the market is the fact that most enterprises trying their IEO are merely start-ups, attempting to capitalise on an idea. There is no guarantee for them to succeed. On the other hand, Fortem Capital is inviting you to their successfully operating business and the guarantee of investment security is already owned by the company. Their intention to allow payment for finished apartments via FCQ tokens is going to be an additional value. Since the number of our tokens is limited, predetermined and known in advance, when more and more customers want to get them to purchase real estate, the token exchange rate may increase. This is simply a classic supply and demand model. This will also allow the investors to achieve attractive returns without waiting for them to complete the project. The FCQ token is going to be a hybrid token – having the characteristics of a payment token and a utility one.

Follow these steps to join the Fortem Capital  Airdrop and receive $50 worth of FCQ token

  1. Register on Coinsbit exchange and complete your KYC
  2. Follow the official profile Fortem Capital on Twitter and make a repost with #FortemIEOcoinsbit hashtag.
  3. Follow the official profile Fortem Capital on FaceBook and give like on FaceBook and make a repost with #FortemIEOcoinsbit hashtag.
  4. Join the official profile Fortem Capital on Reddit, give vote and share.
  5. Join the official Telegram of Fortem Capital and bounty airdrop token
  6. Subscribe and like two films on YouTube Fortem Capital
  7. Send them an email from the same email which you used for registration on Coinsbit to and include the links with your reposts to each social media in addition to your telegram username which you used to join the telegram chat. You will get ~$50 in tokens.

All tasks are mandatory in order to deserve the reward. The airdrop tokens will be distributed to your Coinsbit Exchange account on the 8th of July, 2019.

  1. Find out more about the project details by visiting this website here

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Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address

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