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EVEN Network : Cross-Chain Interaction (3000 EVEN ~ $100)

The Future of the Decentralized Economy. Cross-Chain Interaction Network

EVEN Network —  is an open cross-chain platform with EVEN cryptocurrency that allows users to interact with more than one blockchain at a time.

Cross-Chain Interaction Protocol (CIP):  A protocol for secure cross-chain transactions, including transferring, exchanging, and storing digital assets.
Rated DAG: An algorithm that makes it possible to distribute transaction data within the network and reach a consensus at a very high speed, while also allowing for easy network scalability.
Cross-chain smart contracts: Create smart contracts, define their launch hierarchies and conditions of execution, and route them on multiple blockchain platforms.
Safe of Digital Assets (SoDA): A distributed storage facility for the management, cross-chain exchange, and storage of digital assets.

Steps to receive 3000+ tokens Airdrop. You are expected to complete your KYC under 24hrs of registration. 30 EVEN = 1USD ~ $100

  • Visit here to register to receive 1000 tokens as a welcome bonus. This will later be converted to EVEN token. If you register directly, you will only be credited with 100 tokens as against 1000.  If you receive the error “Please enter correct value Cookie _ga not specified”. It is your browser that is blocking the dialog box. kindly make use of an alternative browser. I ended up using opera after a lot of struggle with chrome and firefox
  • Enter your details and confirm your email address
  • Follow this link to perform KYC as this is required to be eligible. If your KYC was declined? Go here and ask: Read here on how to pass KYC for the first time. All requirements are stated there.
  • Go to your account at and select Bounty Program
  • Click on take the task button to perform any task. Follow the link under the description to perform the task. Click on take the task button again to submit the link of the completed task. Ensure you always click on this button second time to submit your work. No screenshot needed for any task.
  • The tasks available are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Video Review, Blog and Article.
  • Ensure you check your cabinet office as withdrawal will start in July and the form for ETH address will appear to submit your wallet address and withdraw.
  • Join our telegram channel  for updates and find out more about the project details by visiting this here

Don’t miss out on any airdrop & bounty again  follow us on twitter ,be notified on Instagram, linkedin and like our facebook page . Our website:

Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

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