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Emirex Token (EMRX) Airdrop – $200,000 for grab

What is Emirex?

The Emirates Group of Companies is headquartered in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and consists of several licensed and regulated legal entities that meet the challenging demands of the current regulatory landscape in the blockchain space. The group was founded in July 2014 as a technology and advisory provider focusing on digitalization of traditional legacy businesses by making efficient use of emerging technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Digital assets exchange platform for all

In early 2017, having identified a gap in the market that represented a genuine need, the Group started working on a digital assets exchanger that allowed users to easily and securely buy and sell cryptocurrencies and non-security tokens such as protocol, utility, payment and commodity tokens.

The digital assets exchanger, called Bitcoin Middle East Exchange, or BitMeEx, was successfully launched in early 2018. Their community of users across the Middle East and globally quickly recognised the benefits of the simple and secure interface, particularly because of the service localization that they offered.

Trading platform for professionals

In September 2019, due to market demands, they added a professional version of the trading platform based on the input from the community as well as the lessons that they had learned from the first stage of the project.

A roadmap for the future

At the same time, they developed a robust roadmap concentrating on further developing their infrastructure to support the ambitious mission, which is to become the Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy interconnecting the Middle East with Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Emirex Token (EMRX) powers The Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy proudly brought to you by the Emirex Group. As the native token of the Emirex Ecosystem, EMRX has multiple use cases: listing fees for placement of tokenised assets, transactional fees from buy/sell transactions, custody and servicing fees, commission and partner incentive schemes, and others as the offering develops
EMRX is already listed and doing well, check here:

Join the $200,000 pool and participate. No KYC needed.

  1. Register an account here
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  3. Verify your email and login
  4. Refer others to gain more ticket and to increase your chances for more rewards
  5. This event will last until December 24th year 2019.

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