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Crypto Derivatives Exchange (IDAP) Airdrop and Bounty

Introducing Derivatives Product Ecosystem to Crypto Asset Market

Zero Trading Fee for Pre-Sale Contributors

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We at IDAP asked ourselves a basic, fundamental question about the crypto trading market as it exists today: What does it offer to traders

The Lack of Trading Choices
A cursory glance into the current crypto trading market revealed a lack of offerings for trading and little to no freedom to the trader to take a position that stems from a robust strategy utilising diversified financial instruments, based off of advanced tools that streamline the process. With this in mind, we decided to centre our core philosophy on incorporating the advantages of legacy trading offerings into the current cryptocurrency market via the introduction of crypto derivatives instruments and powerful trading tools.
Exchanges within the present crypto trading ecosystem fall short on both trading instruments offered on their platforms as well as operating efficiency in the event of rapid market fluctuations. The norm for exchanges is to offer Spot Trading of cryptocurrency pairs, with a select few offering margin lending for crypto assets.

Market Opportunities
The challenges of the nascent crypto trading economy before us, in fact present unique opportunities. The current landscape of crypto trading warrants more choices be made available to investors. With diversified trading instruments at their disposal, investors will have the freedom to hedge and speculate crypto based assets, while faring better against the volatility of the market. Moreover, with the introduction of investment and trading instruments that minimise risk and maximise profit potential, many who have stayed shy of the crypto market will be encouraged to join the crypto economy. Customers will benefit further with improved uptime, especially if the market is bobbing up and down rapidly. To this end, IDAP is focused on standing out from all other exchanges operating today: we not only wish to provide customers with long due freedom by introducing derivatives-based

Potential for Growth of Cryptocurrency Market
Despite falling to almost half its value after hitting the $800 billion mark at the turn of last year, the crypto market never lost its potential to scale new heights. As of now, industry-wide consensus predicts that the market capitalisation for cryptocurrencies will hit a trillion dollars, sooner than later. By proffering a high degree of freedom to its traders and investors, the market can fuel this growth by leaps and strides. Making it easy to take short or long positions, helping expose traditional investors to cryptos via derivatives trading and overall fostering risk mitigation by introducing derived financial instruments, will catalyse the market to even greater heights than predicted. As such, the role of exchanges in driving this growth becomes instrumental and it is in this context where IDAP as a platform seeks to make a difference.

Need for Derivatives Products in Crypto Trading
Given both the size and the age of the cryptocurrency market, a tremendous growth in market capitalisation is not a question of if but when. Furthermore, the crypto market is far from maturity. Henceforth, in light of both these factors the market stands to benefit exponentially from diverse trading and investing instruments that will usher in investors and traders in large numbers to drive up trade volumes as well as increase liquidity by expanding its pool of participants.
Derivatives products based off of cryptocurrencies will not only introduce the much-needed diversity to the market but also carry over all the advantages from the legacy trading ecosystem to the crypto market. By enabling indirect exposure to cryptocurrencies via Futures, Swaps and Options, a larger trading community can be built. Increased participants in the market brought forth by derivative crypto assets will lead to better price discovery.

Challenges of the Existing Crypto Trading Ecosystem
An assessment of the existing trade exchanges in the crypto market sheds light on the challenges they face at the moment. A market’s success is closely tied to the exchanges that constitute its ecosystem. In case of cryptocurrencies, there are certain challenges that upon resolution will accelerate the growth of the trading market and redefine user experience when it comes to crypto trading.

Lack of Mature Trading Systems
The trading systems presently available in the crypto landscape are nowhere close to their traditional counterparts. The design philosophy of most platforms is a reflection of the lack of choices available to traders; the prominent form of trading is Spot trading. In traditional markets, where numerous and varied types of financial instruments exist, trading platforms have evolved to support complex operations, automation of certain aspects, sanity in visualisation of different kinds of data, all tied together with large volume handling capabilities and high uptime resulting in a stable efficient platform, packed with advanced tools to provide traders a seamless experience. This however is the result of decades of improvement as needs and demands of traders kept growing and changing.

Security Concerns
A digital ecosystem needs constant protection against hacks and cyber-attacks. Exchanges need to be on their toes as malicious actors find new and innovative ways to funnel out funds from exchanges. Many exchanges have suffered from cyber-attacks that have resulted in losses in order of billions of dollars, and thus security measures need to be used smartly and consistently as a safeguard against hacks. Even simply following industry best practices goes a long way. In addition to these standard procedures, defences against digital attacks are bolstered by investigation of edge cases and enforcement of appropriate counter-measures. Most importantly, regular review and update of security are absolutely crucial.



The abovementioned issues affect customers on various levels and in order to shift the industry normal towards better user experience and greater freedom of choices, innovation is required.
IDAP is introducing diversified trading and investment instruments with an institutional grade exchange platform, complete with advanced trading tools, dedicated 24/7 customer support and top-level security.
Borrowing from the merits of legacy trading systems and coupling them with all the possibilities lent by the crypto trading environment, we are not merely disrupting the ecosystem of exchanges, but also creating a new way to approach crypto trading and investment.
Unlike most of the current exchange teams that majorly comprise of techies with limited exposure to financial markets, the IDAP team and advisors have diverse exposure, comprising of highly successful traders, technocrats and successful entrepreneurs. Our team possesses hands-on experience of trading with global exchanges, market analysis, operating & managing successful enterprises, and customer service & support. We are:

  • Driving Innovation in Crypto Assets Market– IDAP is committed to innovating the crypto assets market with its inventive new features. The platform’s advanced trading tools like the Desktop trading app, IDAP Ladder, IDAP Simulator, IDAP Spreader & IDAP Matrix, crypto investors can now indulge in some powerful and serious trading in this growing market.
  • Expanding the Trading Product Offerings– Trading & investment instruments like derivatives don’t need to be limited to traditional financial market. To open up new and improved trading possibilities, IDAP is passionately creating diversified financial instruments to trade in crypto assets.
  • A One Stop Shop– Manage all your crypto trading and investment activities with a single platform. IDAP is providing all the solutions under one roof, from advanced analytics tools to an array of trading and investment products. Not just this, with our ICO incubation program and our ICO venture fund, the IDAP platform is ‘the ecosystem’ for both upcoming startups and venture capitalists who want to engage with such projects.
  • A High-Performance Platform IDAP takes pride in offering a high performance Digital Asset Exchange Platform, capable of handling massive transactional volumes and with a high uptime rate, making crypto trading seamless.
  • Offering a Low Trading Cost– Despite the numerous products, tools and services, trading fees are as low as it gets: pay no trading fees at all for buying IDAP tokens and get discounts on trading fees for various services by using our native IDAP tokens.
  • Solving Challenges of Crypto Assets Trading- While our customers love to trade in the digital currencies, we are equally passionate about addressing challenges that exist in the current crypto market. From an excellent customer service & diversified crypto trading instruments to advanced trading simulator & analytics tools, IDAP is taking all challenges head-on


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