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CRDT Airdrop with Latoken

CryptoDaily™ is an award-winning, successful media outlet that reports on and chronicles the blockchain economy and cryptocurrency markets. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, CryptoDaily™ provides value-added, 24-hour news coverage of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, principally through their website at and their social media channels.

CryptoDaily™ are proud to launch their own cryptographic token. The CRDT™ project! The’re undertaking an IEO so that we can expand the current range of services we offer and to proliferate our vision and mission to empower the daily use of blockchain and cryptocurrency! The IEO allows us to embed blockchain technology into our media offering. We are also creating an advanced content reward application to reward contributors with CRDT™ Token and then enable our community at large to pay with the CRDT™ Token at merchants through a proprietary wallet and accompanying payments card.

Follow these procedures to participate

  1. Register an account with Latoken here
  2. Login to your account to complete KYC Tier 2. Takes 2-4 minutes
  3. Start CRDT telegram airdrop bot and follow the instructions listed there (also described below)
  4. Submit your LATOKEN account email to the Telegram bot.*
  5. Invite your friends with the unique referral link to get 10 CRDT for each.**
  6. Look through the promo materials about the project and answer the control questions to get up to 12 CRDT.** Answers provided below
    1. What company is the CRDT IEO backed by?
    2. What is the total number of CRDT token that will ever exist? 300 million
    3. What does CRDT stand for? Crypto Daily Token or Credit
    4. What percentage of CRDT will be owned by investors? 62%
  7.  Buy 10 000+ CRDT on LATOKEN and get +1 000 CRDT as a reward to your purchase.


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