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CoinBundle breaking the difficulty in cryptocurrencies investment

Historically, the best performing assets like stock, real estate are accessible to the super-rich and large financial institutions. This has resulted in the inequality in the distribution of wealth. Blockchain technology has come to challenge this by creating a window of opportunities where anyone in the global world can invest and enjoy high return.

As the name implies, CoinBudle is  set to create different bundles of cryptocurrency portfolios with less volatility where the current and next generation will get exposure to a diversified set of cryptocurrencies easily with or without any technical knowledge which will contribute to both individual wealth growth and to the macroeconomic development.

Given that we are in the early stages of the cryptocurrency adoption curve, crypto exchanges are also relatively new and currently only allow buying and selling of individual cryptocurrencies. These exchanges are primarily designed for expert traders, and are often too complex for the average individual to build a balanced investment strategy in crypto. A few bundled assets solutions have started to emerge, but are limited to either accredited investors who have to invest large sums of money or offer a fixed distribution of funds through a single instrument. Both these types of solutions, while useful in giving investors broad exposure to cryptocurrencies, still retain aspects of the centralized nature of the traditional finance industry, i.e., by restricting access to the privileged few, or prescribing the nature of diversification, respectively. Thus they do not utilize the full potential offered by the blockchain economy.

CoinBundle aims to solve the difficulty in obtaining exposure to diversified portfolio of crypto assets

by becoming the easiest way for anyone to invest in cryptocurrencies using a decentralized ETF-like approach.

Each bundle is carefully crafted by experts to match your investment needs and preferences, whether its your risk profile or your beliefs.

The CoinBundle Token (BNDL)

The CoinBundle Token (BNDL) is an ERC20 token with core utility on the platform. The token ecosystem will contribute to the overall success of the business:
  • Wide distribution of BNDL tokens across millions of users will help strengthen the support base.
  • Rewards will incentivize these users to hold on to and grow their BNDL tokens over a long period of time.
  • Fixed supply of tokens will result in the value of individual tokens being directly proportional to the assets under management at CoinBundle, rising with the growth of the company.
The core product will use our tokens to reward good investing behavior. Other additional features like BundleRewards and BundleMarket will also enhance the use of the token in different yet complementary ways.

This bundle will open up the world of crypto investing to over 1.8 billion Muslims globally and open the pathway to the $1.8 Trillion currently invested in Islamic Finance to flow into cryptocurrencies.

Investing made simple:

  1. Sign up and verify your account;
  2. Choose a bundle;
  3. Choose the $ amount value of bundes you want to buy. Remember that you can buy any amount from $10;
  4. Buy. The purchase will be done instantly and you’ll see your bundles in your portfolio.

Don’t hesitate to start investing in bundles and save your time on endless research, dozens of transactions and managing tons of accounts across exchanges and investment services.

All in one place, all in one click. Invest now.

You will also enjoy finding out more information about other bundles as itemized below:

If you are curious to know what CoinBundle offer to users, then look no further than here:

  • Zero trading and platform’s fees
  • Compliant
  • 2FA
  • One-click investing
  • Best-in-class custody
  • Insured funds
  • Military-grade security
  • Investment options based on:
  • Risk profile
  • Investment strategy
  • Personal beliefs

4 Reasons Why Buying CoinBundle Bundles Makes Sense

You can log in or sign up for our investment platform at to see the available bundles.

  1. Instant diversification with one click : oinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to diversify their portfolios with dozens cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies mature as an asset class, the best solution for first time investors will be to take a portfolio approach to investing. We set out to build the easiest way for new investors around the world, in emerging markets, and in our own neighborhoods to take a bundle approach to investing. The unbanked gaining access to simple and safe investment opportunities is one of the greatest potentials for crypto.
  2. Zero trading or platform fees: CoinBundle want to be crystal clear in letting you know that we will not collect any fees for the purchase and sale of bundles. Our payment provider, however, will require a 3.5% commission when you make a deposit from a credit card or withdraw to an account. If you pay with crypto, the only fee is what you pay to the blockchain network for verifying the transaction, which is typically a very small amount.

  3. Debit / Credit card AND CRYPTO deposits: Enough said, right? Your are able to deposit funds from your bank debit account, credit card, or cryptos! You just read that CoinBundle does not charge fees for buying and selling bundles. We live in a fast-paced world and need to be prepared at all times. Having the option to pay with cryptos or a credit card makes investing on-the-go a cinch around here. CoinBundle provide access to some of the lowest fees for card payments on the market .

  4. Custodianship provided: Your funds on CoinBundle are protected by rigorous security protocols. We are extremely serious about security, trust, and delivering the best investment experience on the planet for our users. Our team monitors deposits and withdrawals daily to make sure your assets are safe and secure.

It is an exciting time for crypto and new investors. The digital currency market is growing in many directions, and we offer an easy, fast, and secure investment platform to quickly diversify your crypto portfolio. Why not earn some free tokens on top just for investing in your future?

If you are ready to step into the simplified world of diversified crypto investing, you can sign up for the LIVE CoinBundle Investment Platform at


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