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Break financial barrier, be smart and join CLEVER uniqueness approach to DeFi

CLEVER is not just a short-time project but a new legacy to DeFi that has a goal projected for 34 years. CLEVER is creating something very unique and special, more tangible, free market, fully transparent, and 100% tangible. Each user mine token and not hold by the team (all tokens are held by the users).

CLEVER is projected for long-time vision and only strong hands (long-time holders) will be rewarded the most. By the 17th march of the year 2021 and for a start, CLEVER will be available on UniSwap, P2PB2B, CoinsBit and Hotbit for trading. CLEVER was designed to replace the current dominant traditional banking system which provides less than 3% per annum averagely. Why not be your own bank and earn compounded interest fortnightly with CLVA tokens. 

What makes CLEVER unique is the amount of interest and the security level provided for user’s safety. Another thing is CLEVER is starting with a zero supply, there is no other project except Bitcoin which was premined by Satoshi but CLEVER was never so but started with zero supply with no percentage allotted to the team, this makes it a 100% DeFi project. Other projects have total supply, the allocation for team members etc. Another uniqueness of CLEVER is the gas fee, at present, you spent a minimum of $30 for an Ethereum transaction, and with CLEVER such does not exist, you pay no gas fee with the use of an internal denomination called flags which is the first of its kind in blockchain history. You can find details how this works in the CLEVER technical whitepaper. More interestingly, with CLEVER, no contract or terms of staking needed, no lockup period restriction, real FREEDOM indeed as you can swap, send or trade your token at will. This makes CLEVER to stand firm with the position “your Crypto is your Crypto always.”

One may conclude that with 307% interest per annum which looks inflationary but it is all about supply and demand economics. The only reason it is 307% which is for year one only and you will only achieved that if you are part of the first cycle and minted from the first day, which is why it is a smart decision to join the minting before it ends forever. The other years that follow will decrease gradually. CLVA will also have a finite supply after the initial minting for the first 30 days, after this the total compound interest for the next 34 years can be determined. As with Bitcoin which is halved every 4 years, CLVA will be halved every two weeks which will make the demand increase and attracts the attention of new investors.

The mining of CLVA tokens can be done by visiting the  Clever Minting Portal, with MetaMask extension available in your browser, all it takes is just a click away. Just link your wallet and input the amount of the CLVA you want to acquire, this will display the ETH equivalent. Proceed by clicking on the Mint Tokens button, the number of tokens minted will be available in your wallet as the process was designed to be automatic.

Most other projects get a fee from the gas transaction, but CLEVER has 0.1% (a tenth of one percent) awarded for each Cycle. Since the Clever project is a long-term play, the business is forecasted to become profitable after Cycle 34. With this, initially, there will be not that much in the first 3- 5 years but as the project progresses, there will be more than sufficient and that is why this project is for a long time play (34 years). 

The CEO, Bryan Legend possesses all that it takes to see the dream of CLEVER fully actualized, being in the blockchain industry for more than 8 years with an extensive sales background and vast knowledge across all dynamics. With an entrepreneurial mindset and skills comprising of proven leadership, management expertise, direct sales, online marketing, and ongoing training and development strategies, Bryan sets the bar high with full knowledge and proficiency in what it takes to run a profitable business.

More details about the project are found using any of the links below:

BTT link:;u=777578


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