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BHEX Guild Master Airdrop (Trade Crypto in Spot, Option & Futures)

BHEX: The Next Generation Decentralized Crypto Asset Trading Platform

Blue Helix is the company’s name in which we have Blue Helix Exchange(BHEX), Bluhelix Technology which is focused on decentralized custody and clearing solution, the custodian solution is purely based on blockchain technology and BHOP which provide SAAS (Software as a Service).

The crypto asset industry, which is only a decade old, has made great strides in recent years. At the end of 2017, the total market cap once exceeded 600 billion US dollars at the peak. The traditional financial industry has its asset managed by custodian banks and has a relatively mature asset protection system. However, such an open and transparent custody mechanism has always been missing in the crypto asset industry. The lack of this underlying infrastructure has become a bottleneck restricting the growth of the industry.

Bluehelix decentralized custody and clearing platform emerged as the time required.

Bluehelix uses Cryptography and Blockchain technology to support decentralized association governance capabilities at technical level, realizes trusted and efficient custody liquidation of token assets in blockchain, and solves the core problems faced by centralized trading platform. This innovative asset clearing and custody technology has brought a disruptive innovation to the crypto asset market, enabling users’ assets to be better protected than bank-level security.

With the help of Bluehelix’s technical capabilities, BHEX trading platform can maintain the high performance of millions of transactions concurrently after achieving the security and credibility of decentralization. Bluehelix adopts the model of super-node and global custody and liquidation blockchain technical framework and has the traditional financial level of business, technology and compliance capabilities. Users’ assets are managed entirely through decentralized blockchain technology, providing transparent services for crypto assets to individuals and institutions.

Secure & Credible: BHEX has the traditional financial level of business, technology and supervision capabilities. BHEX will not store any user assets in future and It mainly implements trading services such as Spot, Contract and Block Fiat OTC Transaction, which eliminated the concerns of inflated assets, assetless leverage, manipulated liquidation and platform hacking.

Custody & Clearing: The bottom layer of BHEX is empowered by Bluehelix’s decentralized asset custody and clearing technology. Bluehelix technology is based on Blockchain and community consensus mechanism; it uses cryptography and Blockchain technologies to support decentralized association governance capabilities at technical level, and it solves the security and trust issues for centralized digital asset management platform effectively.

Full Spectrum of Financial Products: In addition to crypto-to-crypto trading and Fiat OTC service, BHEX will conduct fiat-to-crypto business in global legal-owned regions, and will launch innovative financial derivatives such as crypto-options and perpetual contracts to satisfy various investment needs.

BHEX is the first exchange both invested by Huobi Group and OK Group which are the two of the top exchanges in APAC or even global

BHEX Investors

Fund Investores

BHEX Market : Trade Crypto the way you like

Spot market only will never fulfill what the traditional market required. But with BHEX option trading, you will never be liquidated and the leverage can be as high as 100. The savings provides an avenue to deposit and withdraw anytime and the interest is daily computed with no lock-up. It’s the best choice in the bear market and for token holders and even for asset management institutions.

BHEX MArrket

BHT introduction

BHT is the token issued by BHEX trading platform ecosystem, which carries the core values of BHEX ecosystem, including BHEX trading platform, BHOP open platform and the decentralized custody and clearing platform supported by patented Bluehelix blockchain infrastructure technology.

BHT usage

  1. Get 80% of commission income of BHEX exchange, open platform brokerage and open platform SaaS exchange according to the proportion of BHT holding amount.
  2. Obtain the right to use the SaaS service of BHEX Virtual Securities Broker and Open Exchange by mortgage of BHT.
  3. Be eligible for election of Bluehelix clearing Association members by mortgage of BHT. After successful elected, it will receive a share of the revenue of the custody and clearing platform.
  4. Obtain the voting rights of Bluehelix Clearing Association by mortgage of BHT. After successful voted, it can get the revenue share of the clearing business.
  5. Can participate in the platform operation activities such as voting on listing, eligible for airdrop.

Join the Super Guild promo and share 45,000BHT with  Guild Master ONLY from a Block Reward of 1,000,000 BHT

BHT will be credited to your account within 5 working days after campaign period for qualified participants who follow the procedures strictly. 

Mission Period : 25 March 2019 – 16 April 2019

Missions Details:

  1. Register at BHEX Exchange You will receive an acknowledgment that Crypto Owl, invites you to join Super Guild Victoroshy de Guild, share block rewards.
  2. Add your Guild name and click on join
  3. Follow the official Twitter and Facebook, like & retweets the tweet about Bitmore Bonus
  4. Follow official BHEX Announcement Channel & Join Telegram group
  5. Fill up the registration form (Under which Guild Master Group are you join? ensure you select Victoroshy de Guild: Invitation Link. This guarantee your sharing from the 45,000BHT, If you choose another option and you didn’t register under them, you will have no reward. Please, select carefully.
  6. Be reminded that participants need to participate Options Trading Tutorial 17 April 2019. The training time will be confirmed again via email and social channel
  7. If you are talented in other areas, you are welcome to participate in the bonus program as described below. This will give you more reward in BHT token.

Option1 : Create BHEX Telegram Stickers (to be used by our users in BHEX Group)

Option2 : Write up BHEX Evangelism articles Exemption: 20% target BHEXer

Option3: Create BHEX Promotion Youtube Videos


1. BHT Bonus will be credited to your account within 5 working day after campaign period for qualified participants.

2. Fraudulent participants will be disqualified

Join our telegram channel  . Find out more about the project details by visiting this website

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