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Bcnex : The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform (121 BCNX ~$45)

BCNEX; The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform

A place to buy, exchange and trade blockchain-based tokens and a wide range of digital assets in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Since 2006 when they first joined the Forex market, they have been researching and developing a number of Forex automated trading systems. In 2009, they deployed a real-time data application system to handle penny auction transactions and system order matching, and eventually to operate the trading platform for their foreign partners.

Follow this guide and earn up to 121 Bcnex tokens. You can also participate in the bounty campaign.
Note: In order to receive BCNX tokens from this program, you must pass the KYC on Bcnex.

  1. Register an account with Bcnex here
  2. Provide your details and signup
  3. Verify your email and login
  4. You need to pass KYC before you can participate in this campaign
  5. Click on the earn program to participate in the airdrop
  6. Share Facebook link as provided, click on I have done this and submit your public post = 60 BCNX
  7. Share Twitter link provided, click on I have done this and submit your shared link = 10 BCNX
  8. Perform other social tasks (join telegram, follow on twitter and facebook, change cover photo etc) for an additional 61 BCNX
  9. They will be adding other tasks as the campaign will still be on until the end of July, 2019.
  10. Refer other and get 10 BCNX per referral
  11. Join the bounty campaign here
  12. Join our telegram channel  for updates and find out more about the project details by visiting this website

Don’t miss out on any airdrop & bounty again  follow us on twitter ,be notified on Instagram, linkedin and like our facebook page . Our website:

Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

FRAUD ALERT: We do our best to filter out the NOISE. Any airdrop/bounty that required you to provide OR singup with your Private key, Keystore / JSON File, Mnemonic Phrase, kindly close immediately to avoid losing your fund as these are for your PRIVATE USE ONLY and not to be shared with anybody

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