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Aussie Digital Airdrop & Bounty – 400,000,000 AUD giveaway


Overview To Aussie Digital

With Brick and Mortar Retail dying out “Take a look around the town” you’ll soon realise E-Commerce is becoming more and more attractive to retailers every day. The problem now is “Like the Greedy Landlord” the online E-Commerce providers “Ebay, Shopify and Amazon to name a few are also getting greedy. This is where Aussie Digital shines above the rest. The Aussie Digital Project has been designed to help, not hinder the growth of small to medium businesses online.

The Aussie Digital Ecosystem is based around a Digital Token. The Ecosystem includes an Amazon like store builder packed with powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways. Other services powered by blockchain technology have also been incorporated to speed up the flow of funds which in turn keeps costs down for the Retailer and Shopper alike.

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Unlike other e-commerce platforms where online retailers need to pay rewards from their own pocket, Aussie Digital’s Tradezy will pay the rewards to the shoppers. That means if you’ve got an e-shop on Tradezy, you won’t have to pay your customers rewards by yourself. Instead, the reward part will be taken care of by Tradezy. Trading gets simple and profitable only at Tradezy.

Tradezy Ecommerce Platform Coming up to Bring Power Back in the Hands of Local Retailers

Tradezy is an online shopping platform which is designed with the aim of supporting small scale retailers, manufacturers and producers to bring their business to the online platform. The platform is created by Aussie Digital which is an ecosystem dedicated to transforming the traditional way of e-commerce operations

Easy to Use and Simple Ecommerce Portal

The platform will have a simple user-friendly interface to enhance the online shopper and retailer’s experience.  The retailers can easily set up their online shop in an easy and quick manner. Moreover, you will get different backend tools that will help in promoting your store in this competitive market. By utilizing paid advertising channels and SEO based tool Tradezy, online store platform will allow you to bring your business in front of the targeted audiences

Tradezy is going to be Live Soon

Do you also want to enjoy the numerous benefits of Tradezy cryptocurrency shopping platform?  Then you don’t need to wait anymore for a long time. Aussie Digital is launching its e-commerce platform on 20thMay 2019.



The interface has been designed to be very user friendly with quick access functions. This will make it standout from all other cryptocurrency exchanges for its shear usability and functionality. Through their exchange you’ll have the ability to exchange their coins and many other reputable coins. They refer to their exchange as the “Engine Room” as it plays a big part in their Ecommerce Platform and allows retailers to accept any coin they have on the exchange. Retailers will have the ability to automatically convert their sale to their chosen currency in real time which takes out some of the worry caused through volatility and freeing up their time, so they can concentrate on business.


To help buyers and sellers connect, an Internal Social Media Platform will be introduced. This can be used by anyone in the Community for business or for pleasure. Promote a product or business or simply connect with new friends. Import contacts from other platforms and get new people involved. Let people in the/your community know of an upcoming event. It’s there for members to use how they wish and to support the Community.


Aussie Digital Ecosystem

Aussie Digital is airdropping 400,000,000 tokens to their community members. Follow these procedures to participate

  • Sign up on Aussie Digital website
  • Verify your email and login
  • Join Telegram group(5,000 AUD Coins)
  • Like Facebook page. (500 AUD Coins)
  • Follow on Twitter. (500 AUD Coins)
  • Follow on LinkedIn. (500 AUD Coins)
  • Follow on Medium. (500 AUD Coins)
  • Follow on Instagram. (500 AUD Coins)
  • Promote Aussie Digital using Embded code (500 AUD Coins)
  • Write a Blog for us, minimum 500 words (10,000 AUD Coins)
  • Create a video for us (5,000 AUD Coins)
  • Subscribe our YouTube channel.(500 AUD Coins)
  • Fill this form if you have participated in any of the above

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