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AssetStream Airdrop (10000 AST ~ $100): Peer-to-Peer microfinance platform

AssetStream is the Global Decentralized Peer To Peer Microfinance Platform, Replacing Intermediaries With Blockchain Technology.

AssetStream Airdrop

AssetStream is a Peer-to-Peer microfinance platform utilizing Blockchain as the core enabling technology. AssetStream aims to be a perfect market for the P2P Lending Platform where both borrower and lender will have enough information to make the transaction anywhere and anyhow in a secure and transparent manner.

Key features that set Assetstream apart

QUICK: The AssetStream Platform is and automatically matches small loan requests with Lenders who set up the small loan lender preferences. The result is almost instant loan approval.

Effortless: The loan application process is much lighter, compared to that of most financial institutions, yet it is secure enough to prevent the community from harm

Flexible: Create contracts, choose the interest rate, conditions and duration as a borrower

Empowerment: Making profit with the AssetStream platform is simple. For every project you accept AssetStream will reward you for your service with a cut of the interest

Entrepreneurship: All borrowers on the platform have gone through a credit rating and KYC process before they are allowed to utilize the platform, creating a verified community. Incase of NPL AssetStream will compensate you with the collateral of that loan

Self-development: With a platform full of borrowers at your display you will be able to reach out to more borrowers and increase your returns

Financial literacy: Incase a borrower does not fulfill its duty and legal action is required. AssetStream will provide 360° support for the Local Agency during the legal process

AssetStream Strategic Partners

PICO THAILAND: PICO Finance Association The integration of a group of entrepreneurs across Thailand that received a license and a permit in progress. Base on over 300 companies in 2019. Followed the policy of credit support Pico Finance of the government of the country.

CreditOK: Credit OK is a Thai fintech startup with the mission to unlock working capitals for micro-entrepreneurs & enterprises in South East Asia. With around 400 million micro-entrepreneurs & enterprises in Southeast Asia & with the rise of alternative data, they want to leverage it to help assess them to get working capital financing and improve their cash flow & business through deep credit scoring with alternative data & lending platform.

Social Impact of AssetStream

Rewarding: Without intermediaries, the AssetStream Platform offers at least 0.75% upto 4% monthly yield from your investment

Diversified: The AssetStream platform assembles SMEs from different industries, meaning that you can diversify your investment and risk.

Regular: Lenders receive their return on investment on a monthly basis and can convert it immediately to their origin cryptocurrency

How the project is rated by topnotch ICO reviewers

Platform Workflow

Follow these procedures to get 10000 AST ~ $100 and enjoy passive income weekly or monthly

  1. Register here and verify your email. Login to your dashboard and complete step 2 as soon as possible to qualified for the welcome bonus.
  2. If you managed to complete KYC process within 48 hours after registration of the account, your account will be credited with 2000 AST ~ $20. Otherwise, you will forfeit the welcome bonus which you will need to make your first investment in order to qualify for the 8000 AST ($80) as highlighted in step 4. The KYC process is very simple which required only two steps. Just click on the gear bus at the rightmost top and select profile verification or follow this link.
  3. Create a wallet in the dashboard and ensure you save the 24 passphrases. This is the only way to gain access to your account if it is compromised.
  4. FREE 8,000 AST (the worth of $80) If you managed to complete WELCOME CAMPAIGN within 30 days after joining as described below
    1. Click on the blue button with the label Claim your 8,000 AST Reward
    2. Read the instruction and click on Join Campaign-button. Select on the Invest Project and Choose 7 days invest. 
    3. Put the total amount on your free balance (which will probably be the 2000 AST Welcome bonus) and click on submit. If you don’t have any balance in your dashboard wallet, have a look at your KYC if it was properly done.
  5. Invite others and get 500 AST per referral. Get your invitation link by clicking on the yellow labeled with Earn with AssetStream, then click on the invite more to reveal your invitation URL
  6. Ensure you invest weekly/monthly by clicking Claim your 8000 AST reward weekly after the existing one MUST have expired for passive income
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