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ALLUXE (LXC) Bounty and Airdrop

ALLUXE Luxury Platform: The first global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property

LuxeCoin Token is the ALLUXE’s own crypto currency designed to simplify the standard approach to renting and buying luxury properties, as well as to increase the security of transactions. Use LuxeCoin along with other major crypto currencies to pay for goods and services.

Goals and objectives of the company: The company goal is to create a global blockchain-based platform, which will allow customers to use only one service for buying, selling and renting various premium products in the selected region of the world, ensuring maximum security of transactions and confidentiality of data. The main objective of the company is to create a convenient platform (Luxury Market Place) capable of uniting a large number of partners with a wide variety of luxury goods, and potential customers interested in purchasing/renting such goods.

The company mission is to provide fast, convenient, simple, private and safe access to luxury goods while making the cryptocurrency more accessible, and to support the development of new technologies in the financial industry.

Abbreviation: LXC is the official three-letter ticker used to represent the LuxeCoin token.

The purpose of selling the LXC token: The goal of TokenSale LXC is to develop the ALLUXE company and to commission it as soon as possible. Revenues from TokenSale LXC is going to be used to scale up the platform, develop its applications and services, compensate for operating expenses and globalize business in certain target markets.

Standard: The LXC token will be supplied on the leading blockchain platform, Ethereum, and fully comply with the ERC20 standard. Compliance with this standard guarantees compatibility of LXC with third-party services, ensures ease of integration and that it is not limited by the platform ecosystem.

Adjustment: After Token Sale is completed, all unsold LXC tokens will be terminated by a smart contract.

Advantages of the ALLUXE Platform: The platform developed by us helps to rent/lease or buy/sell luxe category goods and services for traditional currencies and crypto currencies, while providing the following advantages.

For users: 

  • Making payments in any chosen currency (crypto currency or fiat money) due to automatic conversion. The product implements technologies of encryption, intellectual contracts and specially developed payment gateways
  • Access to premium segment products and services with full confidentiality
  • Reduced costs for crypto currency withdrawal into fiat money by reducing the cost of paying fees for the withdrawal of a currency, conducting transactions, etc.

For partners (owners/sellers of premium property):

  • Access to a wealthy crypto community
  • Opportunity to find customers without violating the limits of confidentiality
  • Possibility to choose the currency in which the payment will be received
  • Reduced costs for crypto currency withdrawal into fiat money by reducing the cost of paying fees for the withdrawal of a currency, conducting transactions, etc.

Confidentiality Protection: It is important to bear in mind that the consumers in the luxury segment differ by their desire to keep confidentiality. Modern IT technologies that are actively developing and coming to all spheres can meet this need. Confidentiality protection on the ALLUXE platform is provided through the use of decentralization, encryption, blocking, and smart contract technologies.

Platform Registration
For customers: To register with the system, the user needs to download the mobile application from Google Play or AppStore (depending on the type of operating system of the device used) and install it. A similar option is designed to provide access to the system through the website. On the site it is necessary to register and log on in the system, after which all available offers of the ALLUXE platform will be available to the user. If the user wants to use the platform without registering with the system, he/she will be provided with limited functionality,

For partners: To interact with the ALLUXE platform, the partner must register, specify company data and data for authentication in the system. Based on these data, the partner is verified, after which a legal entity is attached to it, on behalf of which the transactions will be carried out. If the partner is an individual, he/she passes through the same registration stages, except for adding a legal entity to
the account. When creating a personal profile, an ALLUXE crypto wallet is automatically generated for the partner; records are added to the main ALLUXE smart contract and written to the blockchain. The generated unique identifier is attached to the partner and used to record the history of its transactions and behavior in the system.

Technical components: The ALLUXE platform consists of the following technical components:

  • IOS & Android mobile client
  • Adaptive website
  • The primary interface for accessing AES (advanced encryption standard) blocks
  • The smart contract that ensures transparency of transactions and holding of funds of platform participants, as well as implementing a decentralized system for resolving disputes between platform participants
  • The crypto currency wallet that supports crypto currencies and fiat (traditional) money
  • System for analyzing the interests of users and selecting relevant offers based on BigData and MachineLearning
  • Chat bots




  • You have at least 600 friends
  • Follow the official ALLUXE page on Facebook
  • Be sure to make at least 3 posts per week, which gives you 10 stakes per week
  • Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited; all linked accounts will not be verified and will be deleted

TWITTER Campaign

  • You have at least 500 subscribers and privacy settings for your account
  • Your Twitter account must be connected to crypto currencies or a related area
  • Follow ALLUXE Twitter
  • Like & Retweet: at least 3 messages per week, which gives you 10 stakes a week. You must report your Likes and Retweets every week
  • Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited. All linked accounts will not be verified and will be deleted. We will check each member to make sure that their Twitter account is genuine.

Find more details on the project website here, read the whitepaper and read more on bitcointalk about the bounty


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