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ALLEX Airdrop – Security tokens offering with Government official license

ALLEX: Security tokens offering with Government official license. Allex Lending, the simple way to lend and earn, enthusium binary options and POS services

1. Details of the Business Alliance

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. and Danal Japan Co., Ltd. have concluded a business alliance to establish a payment system development and cooperation system utilizing blockchain technology. Danal Japan develops payment systems and provides infrastructure, while Standard Capital provides payment solutions using blockchain technology.

2. Purpose of concluding the business alliance

Danal Co., Ltd. commercialized the world’s first carrier payment in 2000, and started carrier payment of Samsung Pay in 2018, and has been expanding globally in the mobile payment market. Danal Japan Co., Ltd. is a Japanese subsidiary of Danal Co., Ltd., and focuses on cashless payments for foreign visitors to Japan, working on inbound payments in various countries. Standard Capital Co., Ltd. is engaged in research and development of various financial services utilizing blockchain. With the initiative for financial inclusiveness and the spread around the world, they have concluded a business tie-up with the aim of improving the standard of living of people who have not used financial services before and promoting economic activities.

3. Future development

Standard Capital Co., Ltd. and Danal Co., Ltd. are aiming to create a new economic sphere by promoting the spread of payment systems using blockchains. There are many poor and microenterprises businesses without bank accounts around the world. They will provide assistance to people who have not been able to access financial services in the past to build financial networks that are more convenient and affordable, and to respond to the digitalization of finance in each country. Financial inclusion is in line with the SGDs philosophy of No one left behind, and we will work together with activities that accurately capture market trends, as well as system development.

Follow these steps to participate in the airdrop

  1. Follow here and click on register to signup for an account
  2. Select email or phone to begin your registration, accept with the term of use and click on verification to get the code that will be used to complete your registration
  3. If email verification doesn’t work – sign up with your phone
  4. Use our invitation code HtjtlChQ and click on submit
  5. Have a chat with this telegram bot to participate in the airdrop. You need to complete 3 tasks. Ensure you click on Airdrop task to complete each of them
    1. Join telegram
    2. submit email/phone used for registration
    3. Follow on Twitter.


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