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500 YPTO Space Airdrop ($20 + $2 per Ref)

TradeYPTO  | PayYPTO  | CardYPTO  | BankYPTO  | BetYPTO  | BotYPTO :
provides ALL the tools you need in a single platform!

The global ecosystem dedicated to cryptocurrency: Have fun in the casino and sports betting platform from anywhere anytime

YPTOspace is a registered cryptocurrency platform dedicated to providing cryptocurrency for a world of users. Whether you want to get into cryptocurrency trading, sports betting and gambling or just pay and receive, YPTOspace will make it happening. YPTOspace brings advanced technology to the world of cryptocurrencies. The significance of this innovation is the capacity to manage all features related to finance and cryptocurrency on a single platform, ensuring greater privacy and security with high-speed scalability.

YPTOSPACE puts everything you need in your tool kit to make your life easier, whether it’s trading or making payments with one unique wallet system for crypto and fiat. They want anyone in the world to be able to have fun and have access to an online casino and sport betting platform and aim to break the actual bridge that exists between crypto and fiat currencies providing tools and services that disrupt the industry and make crypto enter in everyone’s life.

Total reward: Up to 500 YPTO ~$28 + 50 YPTO ~$2 per referral.

  • Register an account on YPTOspace Website and verify your e-mail. (Mandatory)
  • Chat with this telegram bot and choose answer is NO for the question ” did you join airdrop round 1″ if you did not participate in the first round
  • Submit your details to the airdrop bot.
  • Refer others and get 50 YPTO per referral

Join telegram channel for updates. Find out more about the project details by visiting this website

Don’t miss out on any airdrop & bounty again  Join our telegram channel  , follow us on twitter ,be notified on Instagram, check on us on steemit and linkedin and like our facebook page . Our website: https://bountyairdroptoken.com

Please always note that any airdrop that required ETH, the wallet address has to be ERC20 compatible. DO NOT use an exchange address.

FRAUD ALERT: We do our best to filter out the NOISE. Any airdrop/bounty that required you to provide OR singup with your Private key, Keystore / JSON File, Mnemonic Phrase, kindly close immediately to avoid losing your fund as these are for your PRIVATE USE ONLY and not to be shared with anybody

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